Welcome everyone to enjoy our long-awaited fall label event!This time, you’re in for Parvati Records, a legendary record label that introduced the forest sound into psychedelic music of the early 2000s. Thanks to its focus on sound quality and the philosophy of diversity and unity, the label raised many iconic artists that carry on this movement at the renowned Parvati School.You’ll be entertained by our all-time favorite Atriohm as well as the old-timer of the label, Jahbo. Our guests will be accompanied by the founders of Ukrainian psytrance labels, as well as live ambient projects on the alternative stage. See you deep in the hilly forest of Parvati Quest!

JAHBO (Parvati rec.) DKOmsun (Moon Koradji rec.)
Paf Paf (Summer Rain rec.)
Jet (Sky Gravity rec.)
Vaska (TreeTrolla rec.)
Michedelic (Kaleidoscopie)
DENSE AMBIENT:Andrey Kiritchenko – live
Nika Zenova – live
Vadim Griboedov – live
Vladimir Gnatenko – live
r.roo – live
entry set – lctrnc

Sound by Funktion-One Ukraine
Stage design: Solips, Psy Quest
3-D mapping: ONTA, Slava Poliantsev
Lights streams: Outer Spaсe, MGNV
UV backdrops: Dimorphic, Trootootoo, Kshetra
Land-art installation: Curanderos

TICKETS:600₴ – first 100 tickets
800₴ – until 05.09 (Only 250 tickets!)
1000₴ – until 10.09
1200₴ – at the gate 11.09
TRANSFERS:Picking point:
Departure time from 18:00 to 23:00
Departure back on Sunday from 10:00
The cost is 120₴ one way
The cost of a taxi – from 600₴

We’ll also run a FOOD court, as well as a BAR and a TEA room. The location will be disclosed one day before the event.


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