PsyTrance Dj – project, recognizable for its morning, gentle at the same time very danceable and cheerful sound. The main genres for herself are. ProgressivePsy / Fullon / Night Fullon / Goa


Techno Dj-project in which Dark and Acid sounds prevail and at the same time there is always a place for a beautiful melodic line


Chill Dj-project with recognizable ethnic sound playing Organic/Downtempo/Progressive/PsyDub


PsyTrance by Liora
Techno by Nehama
ChillRave by Synthetic Shaman

Liora’s journey into the world of DJing began in 2017, but thanks to her enthusiasm and true love for electronic music, the whole world quickly learned about her and now she already leads three popular projects in different genres PSYTRANCE, TECHNO and CHILL, and also represents several music labels from all over the world, including GoaFreaks.Com, Soulectro Music and SpaceBaby Records.

For several years now Liora has been heading the promotional department of the overseas branch of Aerodance Corporation, she is a resident DJ at Space Radio and Sacred Radio, Liora is the stream manager of the LSD (Live Stream Day) project, helps with events in Goa and organizes events, itself makes a very significant contribution to the development of psychedelic culture in general.

Since 2021 Liora-Nehama is in official worldwide roster of Danza Bookings.


Photo / Video / Radio Show & Aftermovies

HillTop Festival 2020 Official After Movie